First licensed in 1937 as W6PQW in Oakland, California. Became interested in DX and Contesting in 1938, and began experimenting with newly-publicized antennas called "Yagi-Uda" after Japanese engineers who created the design…. BUT, an antenna with elements just hanging out there with no connection to anything???? Hard to believe in those days of all-driven arrays, but, by golly, they worked! (Became rather popular, too, but have always wondered what happened to Mr. Uda.)

Was a junior at UC Berkeley (public speaking/english major) when WW2 broke out. To save the world for democracy (sic), I joined the Navy and learned about new supersecret radar we obtained from the British, and then began installing same in submarines at San Diego Naval Base. In the fall of 1942, volunteered for the new "mosquito fleet", and off I went into the Pacific arena. Spent two & a half years in New Guinea/Solomons area on PT Boats and establishing Port Director radio stations for Leyte invasion. Contracted malaria severely & was surveyed from the navy 100% disabled in 1945.

Resumed Dxing & Contesting after the war. Experimented, mostly on ten meters, with various antennas combining driven & parasitic elements. Also worked on negative-cycle loading of AM. Excellent results with both. Ran 90 watts with 150 watts audio. Had a ball competing with kilowatts. Published January, ’59, CQ.

Obtained W6BH in 1968.

In 1972, co-founded & funded NCDXFoundation. Continue to support.

Was then on an 1100 ft. hill & used 5over5 on 20 meters for years. Earned a few certs in contests. Great Dxing years, but my hearing was beginning to fade as a consequence of too many wartime muzzle blasts….. Business career in marketing & entrepreneurism quite successful. Sold out in 1989. Moved from Oakland to Newport Beach early 1987.

Not much hamming for a while. Strung a long wire (sneaky-pete!) in tree branches along a golf course fairway, literally a beverage for transmitting. Yuk. Naturally, it received very well. Frustration began to rattle my cage…

My hearing had stabilized at a still-usable level, so in 1996...

I became LaMancha yet again. This time, why not really go for it? My "Last Hurrah"!